Weekly Spreads

Think You're Good???

Chances are… you're not!  Test your skills against the best (or worst) this group has to offer!!!  Choose five teams with spreads each week to see if you can out pick the rest.  Think you have a winning hand?  You think there's no way you can lose? Well quit bragging and put your money where your mouth is... Jackass.  Shut up already and submit your picks! And if you're lucky… maybe, just maybe, you'll get more games right than an 8 year old!

Week  1 Spreads            Week  2 Spreads            Week  3 Spreads  

Week  4 Spreads            Week  5 Spreads            Week  6 Spreads

Week  7 Spreads            Week  8 Spreads            Week  9 Spreads

Week 10 Spreads           Week 11 Spreads           Week 12 Spreads 

Week 13 Spreads           Week 14 Spreads           Week 15 Spreads

Week 16 Spreads           Week 17 Spreads

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