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Just enter your TEAM Name, Email address, Subject (e.g. Week #1 Picks) and Message (this is where you list your picks dummy!).  Hit Send and your picks will be sent directly to me… no phone calls needed!  And if you missed it from the Home page… after submitting your picks you will see a duplicate email in your Inbox.  Don't freak out… I have your picks, this is just a confirmation email for your convenience.  But feel free to follow up with a phone call if you're computer illiterate, worried "big brother" is watching or those mommy abandonment issues just get the best of you.  

REMINDER… If you do not receive a confirmation email, please send me an email using or  If you get an error message, you can continue to use the email links above or call/text in your picks to me [609.457.7681].  

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