$425 for the pool must be in by week 1 

1.     The breakdown of your $425 is $25 per week x 17 weeks. Every week $20 goes towards the weekly pool and $5 towards the year end pool. For more info on the year end pool, see rule #8.

2.     Picks must be in by 12:59 P.M. on Sundays. This is so that I can post everyone’s picks online. Any picks submitted after that will not be accepted. 

3.     Only Sunday games and Monday night games will count. No Thursday or Saturday games will be available to pick.

4.     Pick any (5) games with point spreads. Spreads will be picked from the Friday USA Today  **PAPER**.  NOT THE USA Today **WEBSITE**!!!!! Games that have no line for any reason will not be accepted. All games picked must have a posted line.  Also, at times USA Today does not post spreads in the paper.  If/when this happens, I will get the spreads from another source and whatever spreads that are posted on this website will be the offical spreads for the week.

5.     You must win all 5 games that you picked. TIES LOSE!!! If nobody correctly picked all 5 of their games, the prize money carries over to the next week.

6.     If more than one person gets all 5 of their games correctly on any given week, then the prize money will be split evenly among all winners.

7.     In the event that we have a carry over going into Week 17, the people with the most wins for Week 17 will split the pot. Example-If there are 4 people that have 3 wins and everyone else has 2 wins, then the people with 3 wins will split the pot.

8.     Your wins add up every week, and whoever wins the most games after the end of the season wins the year end pool. The year end pool will be 65% for 1st place, 30% for 2nd place, and 5% for the Jackass who couldn’t pick their way out of a paper bag - that means last place… for those of you not smart enough to follow.  ***NOTE*** In order to claim the last place prize, you MUST submit picks for ALL 17 WEEKS!!!!  No exceptions...

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