Jackass Pool - 2018

Welcome all to the 2018 version of the Jackass Pool… we have a lot of returning Jackasses and some new faces too.  For those who are new, please check out the info below and on the other pages.  Good luck… losers!

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Weekly spreads will be posted when available… just click on the Weekly Spreads page to view them.

Hey… don’t rush me man!  Weekly winners & Total Wins will be posted when available… click on the Total Wins page to view them.

NOTES from The Management - PLEASE READ!!!!

#1 The USA Today has changed the way they show the lines.  If you decide to purchase the paper, you will see an “O” and “T” with different numbers associated with them.  The “O” was the opening line and the “T” is today’s line.  For the purposes of this pool, we will use the “T” spreads for each game.  If you have any questions call someone who cares… if they don’t answer then call me and I’ll explain.

#1a At times last season USA Today did not post spreads in the paper.  If/when this happens this year, I will get the spreads from another source and whatever spreads that are posted on this website will be the offical spreads for the week.

#2  Guys… PLEASE do me a HUGE favor - when submitting your picks, please do NOT give me team nicknames like “birds”, “phins”, “pats”, “bolts”, “pack”, etc.  I have over 70 people in this pool and when trying to get everyone’s picks posted before 1pm kickoff it makes it very difficult to do this accurately when I have to decypher nicknames - especially those who leave me voicemails.  So, when submitting your picks please give me the complete team name or city.  Thanx in advance!

#3 IMPORTANT INFO!!! PLEASE READ… the Jackass Pool has implemented a duplicate/confirmation email notification.  When you submit your picks via the site you will receive a copy of the email with your picks in your Inbox.  Don't be alarmed dummies… I still received your email with your picks... again, this is a duplicate/confrimation email for YOUR convenience.  'Cause its all about YOUR convenience.  Jackasses…. 

#4 If you cannot see the spreads or everyones picks, hit the F5 key to refresh the screen before calling me to bitch about the picks and spreads not being loaded. 

#5 Don’t forget to read the Rules for the Jackass Pool. 

Weekly & Season to Date Statistics

Totals after Week #17: 

  • Weekly Jackasses - 4
  • Weekly Winners - 10
  • Total Jackasses [to date] - 84
  • Total Winners [to date] - 43

Week #17 & Year End Results

Congrats to our weekly winners… and there were, get this, 10! winners this week… SHEESH! The list of winners to split the last weekly prize are: Bass Boys, Dennis, J Cocknballs, Kara Bubba, Mason Jar, MAXOUT, Pepper, Peter Lee, Taz & Lulu and Wendell.

But as always we should say “congrats" to each of our LOSERS who JACKASSED this week - and that lucky group includes:

[4] Jackasses… well done 718 Bridge Street, CANTPICKFORSHIT, Danny the Nose and Minx Wiggins! 

And our Year End winner is…. Mullen who finished with 52 wins!  AC Fire finished in 2nd place with 50 wins.  And our JACKASS of the Year is……..  Bobby C with 31 wins!  Congrats to all and hope to see everyone back next year.  

A$$ Hole

Click HERE to see the 2018 Leaderboard as well as the Total Wins for the rest of you idiots.   

Weekly Fun Stuff

Our Weekly Fun Stuff has MOVED… If you enjoyed those jewels found on the 'inter-web’ each week, they have their own page now.  Click HERE and enjoy…

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